Friday, May 18, 2012

HKHC Buffalo gets ready for June Green Code meetings

The City of Buffalo has announced another round of Green Code meetings for the community.  The meetings will take place from June 4th through June 9th, with nine locations around the City.

For these meetings - there will be Youth and Family Sessions!  HKHC Buffalo will be at most meetings to help kids and parents provide input into the process in a family friendly setting.

More information to come next week.  For now, see the table below or visit the Green Code website for the dates and locations of the meetings.  We will update with the Youth and Family Sessions next week.

Mon, 6/4
6-8:30 pm
Lafayette HS
370 Lafayette Ave.
Tue, 6/5
6-8:30 pm
Riverside HS
51 Ontario St
Tue, 6/5
6-8:30 pm
South Park HS
150 Southside Pkwy.
Wed, 6/6
6-8:30 pm
Montessori School #32
342 Clinton St.
Wed, 6/6
6-8:30 pm
Bennett HS
2885 Main St.
Thurs, 6/7
6-8:30 pm
North Park Academy
780 Parkside Ave.
Central Morning
Fri, 6/8
8-10:30 am
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
Central Afternoon
Fri, 6/8
Central Library
1 Lafayette Square
E. Delavan-Masten
Sat, 6/9
East HS
820 Northampton St.
Sat, 6/9
Matt Urban Center
1081 Broadway Pkwy.

3rd AL brief takes a look at policy

All over the world, communities are looking to make their communities safer and more livable - some strategies include making the community more friendly to active living.  Here in Buffalo, the HKHC Buffalo partnership looked to other communities to find the most innovative and exciting practices that we could share so youth and families could easily and safely walk and bike.

The 3rd active living brief, Transforming Active Living Policy into Practice: Municipal Best Practices, details these findings.  The brief explores public safety strategies, design strategies, financing strategies, as well as inter-agency agreements.

Our hope is to learn from these other communities, and translate their ideas into policy and action here in Buffalo.  Please find the brief here.

2nd AL brief takes a look at our City neighborhoods

The second Active Living brief from HKHC Buffalo explores how our neighborhoods - in terms of the form and quality - influence physical activity among youth.  This report looks at the strengths and weaknesses of our neighborhoods - also known as the built environment - in relation to youth physical activity.

This brief explores some of the realities of our city - where is the open space, where are people and houses located, and what types of destinations exist.  We look at what the sidewalks, bicycle networks and tree canopy - also called physical infrastructure - look like across the city.

The brief also includes an audit of two neighborhoods conducted by high school students from across the City.  The brief details their perceptions and ideas about the ability to be active in those neighborhoods.

Finally, there are recommendations for changes within our neighborhood that should make it easier for youth and families to be active in Buffalo.  Enjoy!

Read the brief, Do Kids Want to Play in the Queen City? Buffalo's Built Environment and its Impact on Youth Physical Activity here.

Active Living Policy Briefs Released

HKHC Buffalo is happy to announce the release of the second round of policy briefs around children's health in the City of Buffalo.  The first brief, Children's Health: A Growing Need to Incorporate Physical Activity into the Daily Lives of Youth, focuses on current conditions in Buffalo.  The brief outlines current demographic trends, current activity levels and how our city neighborhoods impacts our ability to be physically active.

This brief, like all the others, was prepared for the HKHC Buffalo partnership by the University at Buffalo's Food System Planning and Healthy Communities Lab.

To read the entire report, please download it here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Local Food Policy Brief Available for Download!

The fourth and final policy brief pertaining to the Buffalo Food System is available for download.  This brief includes the current city, county and state regulations that impact the food system and opportunities for healthy eating.  Please review it above or download it here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

National Best Practices Brief Released!

As a part of the Healthy Eating Assessment, the third HKHC Buffalo policy brief was released!  This brief highlights national best policy practices as it pertains to healthy eating.  The brief takes a comprehensive look at food systems policy - from production to post-waste.  The next brief, to be released shortly, specifically focuses on the City of Buffalo and it's governing regulations.  Stay tuned!

Download the third brief: Planning to Eat? Innovative Local Government Plans and Policies to Build Healthy Food Systems in the United States