Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HKHC Visioning Series

Check out our posters for the upcoming Visioning Series...and come check out each event! Click on each poster to get a closer view...

Monday, July 26, 2010

HKHC Goals

Many of you may be wondering what it is we do. Here are some of our primary goals:

1. Engage the community in a dialogue about healthy eating (HE) and active living (AL) policy, and what it means to you

2. Promote HE and AL policy and environmental change in the City of Buffalo

3. Work with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board for AL matters

4. Conduct a citywide assessment of policy conditions, physical and environmental landscape, and organizational capacity with respect to HE and AL - what does Buffalo look like right now? What are our assets? What are we missing?

5. Support the development of a Food Policy Council

6. Determine additional needs of HE and AL community in Buffalo

Now is the time to get involved! Contact Jessie at to learn more.

What is Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities?

Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities - or HKHC - is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that focuses on policy- and environmental-change that increases opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating -- leading to better overall health.

Why is this important? Good health goes beyond "not being sick." Good health includes eating right, getting enough exercise and feeling good about ourselves.

We, HKHC Buffalo, want to continue the conversation about healthy eating and active living in Buffalo. We want to hear from you - the residents of the City of Buffalo - about what makes a healthy community. We hope to hear from all ages, and will have activities and sessions geared towards youth and adults. We are getting ready to kick-off with our first event in the coming weeks so watch for more information!

You can also check out more about HKHC at the national level at