Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Active Living Policy in Buffalo!

Active living advocates released
the report Healthy City on
the Grea
t Lakes. The report includes information about the current conditions in Buffalo including current behaviors and perceptions about walking and bicycling. The report is full of information about who we are as a city, what our city looks like for pedestrians and cyclists, and how our policies and neighborhoods either help or hinder our ability to be active. The report also included a list of recommendations that can help the City become more friendly for active living.

The report was created by a team of partners - all of which are members of the HKHC partnership. The team includes Michael Ball (Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc.), Justin Booth (Green Options, Buffalo), Kailee Neuner (University at Buffalo), and Samina Raja (University at Buffalo).

Recently, HKHC partners presented the report to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board. The Board drafted a resolution, that was sent to the Common Council, calling on the Council to adopt the Healthy City report as an addendum to the City's comprehensive plan. I am very happy to report that on November 16, 2010, the Buffalo Common Council unanimously voted to adopt the report. The adopted policy "authorizes all future steps to amend the city's comprehensive plan to improve the health and quality of life for Buffalo's residents."

This is a huge win for Buffalo! We should all get on our bikes and go for a celebratory ride! Stay tuned for more good news soon.