Food and Nutrition

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Partnership for the Public Good Policy Brief on Greening Vacant Lots in Buffalo

The Cyberhood is sponsored by the Urban Affairs Association (UAA) and the Center for Urban Studies at the University at Buffalo. The Cyberhood's mission is to encourage critical thinking about the the plight of communities of color, conditions in the inner city, and the problems of low-wage white workers. The website's goal is to connect students, scholars, practitioners, and activists from across the racial and class divide in order to build meaningful relationships. The building of such connections, we believe, will strengthen the struggle to understand and transform inner cities and the metropolitan regions of which they are a part.

USDA Resource for navigating the new nutritional food pyramid. Also has customized food plans and materials for weight loss and balanced nutrition. Check it out!

Food Justice
Youth Food Bill of Rights

The Real Food Challenge

City Harvest NYC

Local and Sustainable Food Systems
Northeast Organic Farmers Association of NY

Local Community Fisheries

Local Harvest

What is local? Article from Sustainable Table (Contains great links)

Health Care
Compare hospitals and physicians