Friday, May 18, 2012

2nd AL brief takes a look at our City neighborhoods

The second Active Living brief from HKHC Buffalo explores how our neighborhoods - in terms of the form and quality - influence physical activity among youth.  This report looks at the strengths and weaknesses of our neighborhoods - also known as the built environment - in relation to youth physical activity.

This brief explores some of the realities of our city - where is the open space, where are people and houses located, and what types of destinations exist.  We look at what the sidewalks, bicycle networks and tree canopy - also called physical infrastructure - look like across the city.

The brief also includes an audit of two neighborhoods conducted by high school students from across the City.  The brief details their perceptions and ideas about the ability to be active in those neighborhoods.

Finally, there are recommendations for changes within our neighborhood that should make it easier for youth and families to be active in Buffalo.  Enjoy!

Read the brief, Do Kids Want to Play in the Queen City? Buffalo's Built Environment and its Impact on Youth Physical Activity here.

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